Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Savior is Revealed... Through His Preaching

Brothers and sisters in Christ, 

Throughout the Epiphany season we've been looking at how Jesus is revealed (remember, Epiphany means revelation) as the Savior from sin, the Savior of the Gentiles, the Savior of the world... our Savior. Continuing this Epiphany theme of the Savior Revealed, for the next couple of weeks we'll be looking at the Sermon on the Mount and will see how the Savior is revealed through his preaching. To get more out of the sermons, I'd encourage you all to read through Matthew 5-7 ahead of time. We won't cover every verse, but will look at the following sections more closely...

January 30th                     Mt 5:1-12 The Savior's Sermon: Trust in God's Strength!
February 6th & 7th*         Mt 5:13-20 The Savior's Sermon: Let Your Light Shine!
February 13th & 14th*     Mt 5:21-37 The Savior's Sermon: Live a Holy Life!
February 20th & 21st *    Mt 5:38-48 The Savior's Sermon: Love Your Enemies!
February 27th & 28th*     Mt 6:24-34 The Savior's Sermon: Seek First His Kingdom!

* Note: We will have worship services every Monday in the month of February with communion services on the 14th and 28th. If you can't make it Sunday morning, please join us Monday night!

Lord's blessings to you as you read and study his Word and as you see the Savior revealed in his preaching! See many of you tonight at FROGS!

In Him,
Pastor Guenther

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
47585 Ciechanski Road, Kenai, AK 99611

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